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Acura Forum: How to fix blinkers on a 1992 acura vigor?
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Old 07-22-2010, 08:59 PM
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Default How to fix blinkers on a 1992 acura vigor?

My Blinkers stopped working and Left a electrical smell under me driving one night, so I pulled over and couldnt tell what happen, so i went on my way home.When I used my blinkers they never came on so I checked the hazard switch and Nothing!!!. The next day I went to auto zone and other auto stores cause they didnt carry the flasher relay for my car, so I went to a Acura/honda shop and bought 3 relays brand new.The old relay was melted on the side.I replaced the relay and nothing happend.I checked the fuses and replaced the blown ones and even put the fuses in order of the A. NO blinkers!I went and bought all the bulbs fronts backs,hell even if they were good.No blinkers! Ok...So I went to a junk yard and found a Vigor just like mine and took off the turn switch and hazord switch and Cruse control/ fog light switch.I replaced the switches I bought and WA..LA..Blinkers!!! more problem...I noticed the left arrow inside was lit up and stayed on,thats left blinker,that stays on,WTH?I looked out side and front,back on left side stayed on and right side was off.I got in my car,started it and put on the right blinker and it worked fine,...Then left,nothing just stays on even when its in neutral(middle) When i pushed in the hazard switch both sideslit and stayed on front and back but didnt flash.I also noticed when I pushed in the hazzard,my thermastat gauge would go from fully hot to fully cold.At night time i was still trying to work on my car with no luck on the blinkers I gave up.I was pissed so I slammed my hand on the Dash,then WA..LA...Blinkers lights on left side of car went off.I thought I went back to first base tell I used my blinkers,they worked even hazzards I was happy as hell,so I called it a night and went to bed.The next day I was going to finnally get my car inspected,They stoped working agin.I thought i could used the tactic I used last night an nothing happend.I banged on my dash all day and no blinkers O i forgot to tell yall that when It was working The (blinkers) the thermastat would blink as tempo with the blinkers,MY Rpm gauge doesnt
Good news for (Solution)On this issue.I been working on my car all tonight and pulled out the hazard switch and opened the Guts of the hazard switch and turned the screw and spring but toying with it.I plugged the hazard switch in and got the Left side of the car lit up (On) blinkers but no flash.When I turned the right blinker on There was a buzz sound.nuetral and left blinker no buzz. Buzz but no blink (flash). I turned down the Inside dim switch and the buzzing got louder,I thought If i followed the buzzing sound that could be my problem,Maybe a short or wires touching of some sort.I got on my back and scooted my way on my back under the driver seat where the brake pedals and Fuse department is and realized the Buzzing was coming the flasher relay.I felt it and was 100 positive the relay was the buzzing.If I turned the bright switch up it would get quite and dim would get loud.I replaced the relay and same thing.I then started to yank and bend the (dim) wires and blinkers work!
My flasher Relay was buzzing untill I got the Dim switch and disconnected it and cut the black electrical tape and fed though the wires and moving it and blinkers work.Some times the left side blinker would stay on lit untell I start moving the wires and It would Turn off leaving me with a car with blinkers that work and hazards that work.I did not take off the dash just the switches and put my hand inside the hole and wiggled the wires tell blinkers work.Blinkers work and everythings fine thanks for yall support!!! Jeff
Ok This is how to fix your blinkers and do it yourself.If your blinkers do not turn on at all or hazards go to a auto store buy and Flasher relay with the prongs your car needs including bulbs.If your car doesn't blink still, Go buy a turn switch and Hazard switch.blinkers work off of the hazard so make sure hazard switch works.You can buy switches at a junk yard for dirt cheep,make sure its off of the same car you have! if your blinkers still dont work then check your fuses and make sure they are in the correct order like 7.5 A and such.make sure blown fuses are replaced.If this did not work and blinkers dont work get a current tester and use the wire as ground and start testing the hazard wire for hot also turn switch.When tester lights up wire is hot and Has current.No current means Short.If You replace what I have told you and get left side of car lit up and right blinks or doesnt blink..just get to having hazards and left blinker lit up (no flash) replace Dim switch.
If you hear BUZZING from flasher relay this means....Relay is Good!!! and just not connected right.NOT from the fuse department, but from you wires from under you steering wheel to the left side and above to top left.Find away inside to the wires and wiggle them gently.This may be the biggest problem as for just blinkers.Make sure the cable (wires) your giggling is the ones that runs your Dim switch to your rpm and gauges and also the cruse control and fog lights and such.The buzzing may stop and blinkers will go off from staying lit and work.If this did not work, Cut the electrical tap and feed through it looking for melted wires,if not and have them all out, bend wiggle and pull lightly and shuv inward and find its spot cause overloads or shorts.If your ABS lights are on or brake lights stay when car is off, Go under where your brake is and look for a button that is being pressed when brake is Released.This is suppose to shut brake lights off when you release off of brakes.If your en
if your engine lights are on this could be several of things.reverse lights,fuses to anything.ABS and engine lights work off on the same componets.This is for any one who is having the same issues as me I understand how it feels to spend allot of time suffing internet looking for answers.I am on the same page as yall, just giving yall a brake so this is correct information so you dont waste your time with maybes of what could be the issue.Mostly cars that has issues like mine is because of a accedent or car rebuilt from salvage.So Hopefully I was some help to yall having problems like mine.
1992 Acura Vigor Ls
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